I am Begoña Pino, user experience lead trained in technology. I believe we need to be creative to make a better world and I want to help you unleash your creativity to solve your problems.



Things have to be easy, even life. Processes have to be simply obvious so we don’t waste time trying to work things out and just do what matters.  There is a lot of thinking in finding the simplest solution, and there is art in it. I consider myself a simplicist in the sense that I strive to simplify my life, my processes and my work. That allows me to see and think clearly and find a unique, minimal solution for a problem that requires the least amount of effort and renders the most value.
It takes smart thinking and efficient processes, and most of the time, a collective effort to come up with a ‘simple’ solution, and once it is found, it seems so obvious… but that is it: there is no easy path to simplicity.


Born creative (just like you) and very active with it. Always finding alternative ways of doing things with whatever I have at hand. At work, in the kitchen, anywhere, if there is a problem, there is a solution… Or many (diverse thinking is my main outlet). Over the years I have tried different activities of artistic nature, but currently I am pursuing photography more seriously (you can find me on instagram: @pinophotos) and low cost instrument building.


Brings in the energy and passion to take ideas into projects into realities.


Educated in computer science and artificial intelligence, brings in the analytical mind and systematic approach of the field. Due to work settings requirements, the technologist is specialist in low cost solutions.