A simple video with biteable

I am testing the new button functionality… Callme on Biteable.

LEGO Turtle II

A turtle robot I built with LEGO MIndstorms kit inspired on LOGO Turtle  when I was trying to replicate a study by Weir and Emmanuel (´76) on the use of such a turtle by a child with autism.

PhD ebook

I have formatted my PhD thesis into an eBook using smashwords, to try out the self publishing world as well as making it available to the general public instead of collecting dust on my hard drive and the two copies at the Edinburgh University library.

Course on Autism and Technology

I have taught three editions of an 8 hour course on Autism and Technology for professionals, topics ranging from research (artificial intelligence, virtual reality, affective computing) to more hands on classroom uses of technology.

Happy Geese app

I was advisor and beta tester of this app by Appically. It is the first of a series of games adapted to the needs of users with autism, but it can be played by the whole family (even  16th  months babies).

Magic Carpet

Interactive environment prototype built within Interactivos’07 at Medialab-Prado. It displayed a magic carpet over with thins reacted to the movements od the users.


A blog created to share information on autism and technology.